GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park

GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park provides ‘ready-to-use’ industrial infrastructure allowing companies to focus on their core business.
The Park offers the flexibility of choosing land within Multi-Product Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for business looking to serve foreign markets and land in Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) for businesses looking to serve Indian market.

By virtue of the park being housed within RGIA, the Park enjoys

  • Greater security
  • Supply of highly reliable and uninterrupted utilities like power and water
  • Airport ecosystem including availability of hotel
  • Affordable transport
  • Emergency services etc.

GMR International Free Trade Zone (GIFTZ)

GMR Aerospace & Industrial Park also houses India’s 1st and only Airport based Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Activities allowed are related to Trading, Warehousing, Value addition (such as Repair & Return), Packaging, Storage and Logistics & Distribution.

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