Environmental and Sustainability Policy Jan'21

Carbon neutral and Sustainable Airport

  • GMR Hyderabad International Airport is a carbon neutral airport and the 1st airport in the Asia Pacific Region to achieve the highest Level 3+ accreditation in carbon neutrality by ACI.

  • GMR Hyderabad International Airport is the first airport in India to have Integrated Online Environmental Monitoring Station

  • The first Indian airport is having in-house composting plant for processing of food waste into compost for landscape use.

  • Reducing thermal electricity use by producing solar power for its airport operations.

  • GMR Hyderabad International Airport beliefs water is a precious resource. The rainwater harvesting is done in large scale and augmenting the ground water table at the airport premises.

Green Cover

273 hectares of green cover with various plant species and natural vegetation has been developed around the airport to maintain ecological balance. The trees act as carbon sinks by absorbing 265 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Shop at Udyannam, our nursery

Carry a part of our green initiative to your home or your guests. These plants are reared at the GMR Hyderabad International Airport nursery.

Location : Arrivals

Energy saving structural designs

The GMR Hyderabad International Airport Passenger Terminal is credited with the coveted ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) certification for its eco-friendly structural design. The terminal is built to allow maximum natural light and other ecological features, ensuring minimal use of energy and water.

Reduce your plastic footprint

GMR Hyderabad International Airport has implemented stringent control measures to prevent the use of single use plastic within its premises in the passenger terminal building in collaboration with all the concessionaires and retail outlets operating at the airport.

  • Prohibited the use of single use plastic
  • Ensured all the outlets migrated to eco-friendly alternate material
  • Ensured all outlets to procure the compostable products only from the certified manufacturers
  • Conducts regular preventive audits to ensure stringent compliance to prevention of single use plastic material
Process control to minimise air & noise pollution

Ambient Air Quality Standards with respect to Noise in Airport Noise Zone

GMR Hyderabad International Airport administrative and engineering processes minimise and control air and noise pollution. Our admin systems ensure continuous descent approach for landing aircraft and continuous climb out operations of the departing aircraft, helping minimize air and noise pollution levels at the Airport.

  • We operate electric vehicles for passenger transport.
  • We provide fixed electrical ground power units for aircraft.
  • We have acoustic enclosure for DG sets and the exhaust is released at 100 feet through high raised chimneys in line with PCB norms
  • We continuously monitor air quality and ambient noise levels
  • We conduct periodic pollution checks for vehicle emissions at the airport.

Saving Water

Wastewater reuse & recycle

Wastewater is treated in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and recycled for flushing and plantation. Sludge from STP is used as manure for GMR Hyderabad International Airport green cover.

Rainwater harvesting

GMR Hyderabad International Airport awarded the Best Water and Rainwater Management 2019 from the ACI

At GMR Hyderabad International Airport, rainwater harvesting and several other water saving measures contribute to water conservation. GMR Hyderabad International Airport has been awarded with the Green Airports Recognition – 2019 for its best water and rainwater management from the Airports Council International (ACI).

Solid Waste Management

Generating black gold for our green cover
Food waste from the airport is converted to black gold or compost. This valuable organic manure is used for our green cover. GMR Hyderabad International Airport does not use chemical fertilizers.
  • Paper, and plastic waste is handed over to authorised agencies for recycling and reuse.
  • E-waste, hazardous/biomedical waste are handed over to authorized recyclers.

Thank you for your help. While traveling through GMR Hyderabad International Airport, if you use the appropriate bin for discarding waste, you help us in our endeavour to maintain the natural ecosystem at GMR Hyderabad International Airport.

Green Airports Recognition 2020 from the Airports Council International (ACI)

In May 2020, GMR Hyderabad International Airport received the Green Airports Recognition 2020 for the best water management at GMR Hyderabad International Airport. Efficient use of fresh water , wastewater recycling, rainwater harvesting, automation of the irrigation network, and reuse of condensate water from the chiller plant are the key contributors for the recognition.

Aviation Sustainability and Environment Award during Wings India March 2020

GMR Hyderabad International Airport along with its airport stakeholders ensuring sustainable airport operation at GMR Hyderabad International Airport like greenbelt development, solar energy use, green buildings construction, single use plastic control, making compost from food waste, reduction of carbon emissions and maintaining carbon neutral airport status (Level 3+), community empowerment etc. are the key contributors for the recognition.

Energy conservation

GMR Hyderabad International Airport received “Certificate of Merit” in National Energy Conservation Awards 2011 from Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India for its achievements.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport has received the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Award for “Excellent Energy Efficient Unit” during the 19th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2018.

Environment Community Support

Varalakshmi Foundation

The foundation works in surrounding villages to bring about sustainable change with a focus on increasing literacy, creating health awareness (sanitation, hygiene) and empowering the community by creating livelihood, awareness drives and training programs.

Specific training programs that focus on environmental conservation include, making of jute bags, training in the art of landscape maintenance and awareness programmes on environmental conservation for school children.

Environmental Performance monitoring

GMR Hyderabad International Airport – Environmental Compliance team compiles information pertaining to environment from its internal departments and stakeholders to monitor the key performance indicators of the airport to assess the health of the airport environment. In this connection, an online Environmental Portal has been established to maintain a centralized environmental data base for GMR Hyderabad International Airport. This portal which will enable us to monitor the environmental compliance status of the airport in an effective manner. It also simplifies the data management and enhances the availability of environmental information to the internal stakeholders. The entire process is essential to move towards achieving environmental sustainability. The airport had also obtained Environmental Clearance for 25 MPPA handling capacity. Subsequently to handle the increase in Air Traffic and the enormous growth in passenger traffic the airport has received Environmental Clearance for 50 MPPA handling capacity.

Safety Investigation Coordinator

Name: Wg Cdr A V Lakshmana Kumar (Retd) (Safety Investigation Coordinator)

Designation: Head - Safety & Environment Compliance

Address: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Shamshabad, Hyderbad-500409