Cinematography / Photography / Videography Rules applicable at GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited

The purpose of these rules is to establish guidelines under which GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited (GHIAL), acting through its Chief Executive Officer or any person duly authorized by him, may consider requests from persons seeking permission/s to take still, motion pictures, or videography for commercial use, public exhibition, publication, or display, or to film any motion picture, television program or commercial advertisement on or at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad property. These rules are not applicable to taking of still or motion pictures or videography:

  • By Airport Users for personal and non-commercial purposes
  • By the press or news media in covering newsworthy events at the Airport city side.

Taking still, motion pictures, cinematography or videography for commercial use, public exhibition, publication, or display, or to film any motion picture, television program or commercial advertisement on the Airside of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is prohibited

A person shall not take any still or motion pictures or video tape for commercial use or public exhibition, publication, or display, or film, make, or produce any motion picture, television program or commercial advertisement, on or at any portion of the Airport, including, but not limited to, the Airport Passenger Terminal, unless such person has the following documents, permissions and made the prescribed payments in advance, for carrying on the intended activity:

Applicant shall complete and submit a Permit application as per the format acceptable to GHIAL, at least 10 days in advance of intended filming.

The same shall be reviewed and approved by the Head – Corporate Communications, GHIAL and CEO – GHIAL.

The permit will be issued subject to the condition of this policy. The Applicant shall also procure a valid airport entry permit for all the participants so as to enter the restricted designated areas, as per the rules and regulations prescribed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India, through GHIAL after payment of requisite fees.

GHIAL reserves the sole and discretionary right to restrict the number of entry permits to be issued for the shoot.

Photography/Videography/Cinematography for commercial use, public exhibition, publication, or display, or to film any motion picture, television program or commercial advertisement on or at the Airport property shall require payment of the prescribed charges to GHIAL as applicable and published in schedule A annexed to this document.

The charges have to be paid in advance and charges once paid will not be refunded. However, at the discretion of GHIAL, in case of cancellation of the activity for any reason which is duly intimated in writing to GHIAL at least 24 hrs before such cancellation, only 50% of the amount will be refunded.

The applicant should take a comprehensive Insurance policy for an amount as mentioned, applicable and published in the schedule A annexed to this document covering all damages and / or loss that may be caused to GHIAL’s airport property and any third claims that may arise, in connection with the said activity.

Irrespective of acceptance or rejection of claim of the applicant by the insurance company, the applicant shall alone be responsible to settle all the claims of GHIAL and/or third party (airport user/s) without any demur or protest. Applicant confirms that it shall not raise any objection whatsoever in this regard.

The applicant should pay an interest free refundable security deposit as applicable and published in the schedule A annexed to this document.

Any and all pending dues receivable by GHIAL from the applicant will be deducted from this security deposit before refunding the same. Further, in case of any loss and/or damage caused to GHIAL’s airport property, the security deposit shall not be refunded by GHIAL, till such time the applicant settles the claim to GHIAL.

The applicant should submit a copy of the script with the relevant portion pertaining to the shoot at or on the airport premises, to GHIAL for verification before issuance of permit.

The decision of GHIAL shall be final for issuance of permission/s under this policy for RGIA airport, irrespective of the permissions received by the applicant from other relevant authorities. GHIAL reserves the right to restrict the number of persons and the type of equipment entering the airport for this activity.

GHIAL will nominate its own escort which is mandatory during the entire activity. Any additional requirements such as raw power will be considered on request from the applicant, subject to availability and will be billed separately on cost plus 10% basis.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant with respect to any clean up or any housekeeping activity, debris or any garbage material to be removed from the airport premises, created and /or brought in by the applicant. Any costs incurred by GHIAL due to the negligence or failure of the applicant in this regard will be billed and recovered from the applicant.

Permit applications shall be considered in a fair, impartial, and content-neutral manner, and processed on first-come, first-serve basis, subject to availability of space. If a permit application is denied, the Applicant shall be informed of the grounds for denial.

The grounds and/or reasons for denial of a Permit application shall also include:

  • Failure of the Applicant to file a complete and accurate application, or to supplement upon request with additional information reasonably required by GHIAL to consider the application.
  • The making of any false statement or misrepresentation in the application, or the failure to disclose any material fact would make the application invalid.
  • The failure of the Applicant to pay requisite fee, outstanding damage claims if any, arising out of prior Permits, or to provide security deposits, surety bonds, or liability insurance, as required.
  • Lack of available space
  • The proposed Photography/ Videography/ Cinematography would adversely affect the safety, orderly and efficient operation of the Airport, disrupt travel, impair airport security measures, or materially increase congestion at the Airport.
  • Preservation of public health and safety
  • Interference with flight operations at the airport
  • Non compliance with applicable State or local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations governing operation and security of the Airport, including, but not limited to, regulations promulgated by the DGCA and BCAS.
  • Construction, repair or maintenance activities at the Airport
  • An airport emergency
  • The termination of any prior Permit issued to the Applicant within the previous twelve months on account of failure to comply with Permit conditions.
  • The Permit shall be in writing and incorporate the provisions of these rules and such other terms and conditions as the CEO may reasonably require, and must be executed by the CEO or any official of GHIAL as authorized by CEO and an authorized officer of the Applicant prior to commencing Photography/ Videography/Cinematography at or on the Airport premises/property.

The Permit so issued grants the applicant only a license to use the Premises in accordance with the terms of the Permit and these rules. It is not a lease and does not create any estate or property interest in the applicant to the Premises. A Permit is personal to the applicant, and may not be assigned or transferred in whole or in part in any circumstances whatsoever.

The use of the airport premises/property by the applicant under the permit for Photography/Videography/Cinematography shall at all times be secondary to the use of the Airport for aviation purposes. Due to space and design limitations of the Airport and the Airport Terminal, the CEO may reasonably limit the kind, duration, and location of the Photography/Videography/cinematography.

Due to space and design limitations of the Airport and the Airport Terminal, the CEO may reasonably limit the kind, duration, and location of the Photography/Videography/Cinematography.

Filming of Photo or Video must not display any offensive or obscene material or any material with political, religious or racial overtones.

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GHIAL shall cancel or terminate the Permit issued to the applicant by issuing a notice to the applicant upon occurrence of any of the following:

The making of any material false statement or misrepresentation, or the failure to disclose material information, in the application for a Permit.

Failure of the applicant to pay Permit Fees or other amounts due the GHIAL under the Permit, or to comply with the terms of the Permit and these rules, and such violation is not promptly cured within three (03) hours of notice from GHIAL; provided, however, no prior notice and opportunity to cure shall be required if the nature of the violation presents an immediate danger to public health or safety, airport security, or interferes with airport or flight operations.

Natural disaster, acts of God, unanticipated damage or destruction to Airport property, Airport emergency, Airport Security requirements, requirements of law, rules, regulations, an order of a court or regulatory agency having jurisdiction, or other cause not within the control of GHIAL.

In the event a Permit is terminated under section 7.a.i or 7.a.ii. above, GHIAL shall not accept or approve another Permit application of same applicant or its subsidiary for a minimum period of twelve months. Upon termination of a Permit, the applicant shall immediately leave the Airport premises/property together with all of its personal property. Any costs incurred in removing or cleaning the airport premises will be recovered from the applicant.

Unless and otherwise agreed by the CEO in writing, all Permits shall be subject to the following conditions:

  • Photography/Videography/Cinematography shall be limited to the Passenger Terminal Building and Land side area as mentioned in the Permit.
  • Applicant shall not Photograph any Airport User without his/her consent.
  • Applicant shall not obstruct, impair or interfere with the free movement of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or the conduct of any authorized business at the Airport.
  • Except for persons in front of the camera during actual Photography, videography or cinematography as the case may be, each person engaged in the activity of Photography, videography or cinematography shall wear an identification badge while on Airport property that prominently displays the person’s name, and the name of the group or organization holding the Permit. Applicant shall provide GHIAL with a list of contact persons with phone numbers responsible for the activity and Premises. The list shall include numbers that can be called during any 24-hour period and on weekends. GHIAL shall provide to the applicant a list of names and phone numbers of GHIAL officers who can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • In case of any loss or damage caused to the airport premises / property, or personal injury results due to the activity carried on by the applicant or its personnel, the issuance of any other or future permit/s to the applicant shall be subject to such additional conditions as may be imposed by the CEO of GHIAL including requirement of additional security deposit, surety bond, and liability insurance for an amount as determined and decided by the CEO.
  • The applicant shall provide the list of all equipment and materials necessary or appropriate, to conduct the activities authorized under the Permit, consistent with the requirements of these rules, to GHIAL in advance. An Applicant shall identify in its application any special equipment or materials that it proposes to use on the Premises. GHIAL or any Security Agency or Govt Department Official may deny or restrict the use of such display materials or equipment and in which case removal of such equipment will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Passenger Terminal Building, Parking, and Landside.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd., reserves its right to modify, alter, vary the policy conditions at its sole discretion without any prior notice to the applicant.

GHIAL shall forfeit the security deposit in case the applicant fails to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned herein above.

All or any dispute or disputes arising out of or in connection with the permit granted to the applicant shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Hyderabad only.

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