Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Limited is all set to be one of the leading aviation hubs in Asia

With a growing air presence our airport is all set to serve around 24.5 million passengers this coming year and with this comes innumerable business opportunities in and around the airport to cater to this ever-growing passenger footfalls.

Route Development

Our Airline Partnership Programme is aimed at enhancing Rajiv Gandhi International Airport's (RGIA) passenger traffic by encouraging airlines to operate new domestic and international routes.

Salient Points:

  • India's 5th largest airport
  • Second fastest growing major airport in India
  • Most connected airport in the south and central India with the highest number of domestic destinations connected (65)
  • Improved connectivity leading to the robust growth of 66 percent in transfers happening via HYD in FY’19 over the last year.

Ground Handling

GHIAL has awarded ground handling concession to AI-SATs, Celebi Airport Services India Pvt. Ltd and Globe Ground India for providing prompt and efficient ground-handling services and ensuring quick aircraft turnaround for all flights

  • The equipments used for ground handling are world class, meeting full IATA specifications and Euro III standards.
  • The airport is capable of handling all types of aircraft.
  • High Service Standards are maintained by stringent Service Level Agreements.
  • The ground handling staff is efficient and competent.

Indian Airlines (IA) & Air India (AI) are ‘Indian National Carriers’ having a long standing experience in Ground handling services.

SATs is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. SATs is one of Asia’s leading airport ground services provider having their presence in various Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

For more details email us at: marketing.hyd@aisats.in

With a history of over 60 years, Çelebi Aviation is a global service provider of airport services with a presence today in 5 countries and more than 40 stations. Serving over 250 thousand flights and handling close to a Million Tons of cargo a year, Çelebi leads the market in Turkey and India while accelerating its expansion into Middle East and Asia Pacific regions

Please contact us for any kind of Ground Handling related queries at GHIAL’s RGIA – HYD on Salesindia.GH@celebiaviation.in

GlobeGround India Private Limited, a 100% wholly owned venture under Bird Group, is one of the India's leading private ground handling service provider. It is present at various airports in India and offers complete ground handling services package for all aircraft types.www.globegroundindia.org

Marketing : marketing@ggimail.in

HRD : hrd@ggimail.in

Click here to view Approved Tariff Rate Card

Click here to view AERA Order No. FY 23-24 AI SATS

Click here to view HYD - MYTP Order dated 24 August 2021 - Celebi

In-Flight Catering

GHIAL has awarded the in-flight catering concessions to LSG Sky Chefs (India) Pvt. Ltd and Sky Gourmet Catering Pvt. Ltd to construct, operate, maintain, manage and develop the in-flight catering facilities. The in-flight catering concessionaires have been allocated area admeasuring 2.5 acres each to operate and maintain the necessary facilities at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

LSG Sky Chefs (India) Pvt. Ltd is a member of the LSG Sky Chefs Group, 100% subsidiary company of Lufthansa German Airlines. The largest Airline Caterer, worldwide with a market share of approx. 34%, a sales volume of approx. 3 Billion Euro, 37000 employees in more than 220 In-flight Catering Kitchens around the globe. The entire Group is currently supplying 260 International Airlines with 330 million meals annually.

LSG Sky Chefs In-Flight Catering Unit at RGIA has a maximum meal capacity of 11,000 meals per day operating 24 x 7.

The in-flight catering facility provided at RGIA meets the highest international catering standards with HACCP implementation, environmental friendly state of the art facility.

Sky Gourmet was established in 2002, it operates under the trade name of `Sky Gourmet' and is one of the leading airline catering companies in India having its operations at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. It provides services to airlines such as Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Jetlite etc; employing over 2000 people who produce an average of 31,000 meals per day.

Sky Gourmet’s In-Flight Catering unit at RGIA has a maximum meal capacity of 25,000 meals per day operating 24 x 7.

The in-flight catering facility provided at RGIA is a state of the art unit meeting HACCP requirements with automated equipments to provide quality services to airlines.