Building Great Place to Work

We are committed to make GHIAL a “Great Place to Work”.We want a workforce that is engaged and passionate about what they do. That is the reason, we recruit energetic individuals who will help us achieve our vision of delivering the best quality services and customer experience.

Growth Opportunities

GHIAL has institutionalized the processes to develop internal talent pipeline, provides growth opportunities and has a well laid out succession, which are essential elements in the Company’s success. With a commitment to leadership and development, the goal is to create the best work environment possible.
Skill development through education, training, and rewarding best practices will encourage growth and learning. One can choose to either excel in his area of operation or grab all those cross functional opportunities to showcase one’s talent.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to fostering a diverse workplace, where all kinds of people work together. We believe innovation starts with inclusion. Our team consists of people from all over India from various ethnic backgrounds, collaborating together to seamlessly operate one of the busiest International airports in the world.
We have created a unique platform named ‘One Family, One Mission’ in line with one of the core values of the GMR Group – ‘team work & relationships’ to bring together different stakeholders and ensuring that all the stakeholders are part of all the passenger centric initiatives and work in a collaborative spirit to effectively achieve unity of purpose of serving the passengers with utmost service quality levels.

Beyond Work

Fun at work events always add in an extra flavor to work life, strengthens teamwork and belongingness. WAVES is a cross functional event team at GHIAL who meets regularly, plans and executes various fun events, festival celebrations and seasonal events. Our employee wellness program “Ayushi” has various physical and& mental health initiatives in place to improve the health and fitness of the employees.