City Check-in services

The City Check-in service aims to provide passengers with enhanced convenience and flexibility by enabling them to drop off their baggage and collect their boarding pass at the facility near Car Park Area/ Ratnadeep Supermarket in arrivals area at the Hyderabad Airport.

Situated conveniently outside the airport terminal, this facility offers passengers the flexibility to check in before reaching the main terminal building. This service is designed to streamline the check-in process, reduce congestion within the terminal, and enhance overall passenger experience.

It serves as a convenient alternative, particularly for passengers with minimal luggage or those looking to expedite their airport journey. By introducing passengers to Cityside Check-in, HYD Airport aims to provide a seamless and time-efficient start to their travel experience. The introduction emphasizes the airport's commitment to adapting services for the convenience and satisfaction of its passengers.

The service allows passengers to select seats and receive their boarding passes and baggage claim tags. GMR Hyderabad Airport will accept baggage from Departure minus 6 hours up to Departure minus 1 hour, before departure depending on respective airlines operation, which is then transported to baggage make up area for airline baggage reconciliation.

Passengers wishing to avail this facility may follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Proceed to the facility near Car Park Area/ Ratnadeep Supermarket in arrivals area.

Step 2: Print boarding pass and bag tag from Check-In Kiosk.

Step 3: Attach the baggage tag securely to your check-in luggage.

Step 4: Screen baggage before proceeding to the city side check-in facility.

Step 5: Proceed to check-in area, scan your boarding pass through the Scanner.

Step 6: Place the bag on the SBD (Self Bag Drop) weighing conveyor.

Step 7: Your baggage verification process for weight begins
* If baggage exceeds allowed weight limit. please proceed to your respective airline check-in counters inside terminal building for check-in.

Step 8: Collect the receipt from Self Bag Drop after successful dispatch of the bag to the Baggage Handling System.

Step 9: Proceed to departure entry gates before the specified flight boarding time.

Step 10: Verify identity at departure entry gate with boarding pass and ID proofs for pre embarkation security check points.

Step 11: Proceed to boarding gate for your flight.