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Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs


GMR Group will be an Institution in perpetuity that will build Entrepreneurial Organizations, making a difference to Society through creation of Value.


To establish Hyderabad Airport as -

South & Central India’s Gateway of Choice, Preferred Logistics Hub, India’s largest Aerotropolis and Attain Sustainable Growth by
  • Delivering Customer Delight
  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement
  • Inculcating innovation & Infusing technology
  • Being a Preferred Organization to Work
Values and Beliefs

We value intellectual modesty and dislike false pride and arrogance
We seek opportunities - they are everywhere
Going beyond the individual-encouraging boundary less behaviour
We value a deep sense of responsibility and self-discipline, to meet and surpass on commitments made

Nurturing active curiosity to question, share and improve
Anticipating and meeting relevant and emerging needs of society
We will treat others with dignity, sensitivity and honor