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hindi Simple terms in Hindi

Hyderabad is a cosmopolitan city with many ethnic groups and cultures. Due to these various groups, several languages are spoken here.

Telugu is the official language, which is spoken by the majority of the population. Hindi and English are other common languages in Hyderabad. The business language is English and one can get by the city with a good knowledge of English.

We have a list of words in Hindi which might help you.
  • Greetings
    Hello - namaste, Namaskar
    Hi - Suno, Suniye
    Mr. - shrimaan
    Mrs. - shrimati
    Miss - kumaari
    Master - Kumaar
    Bye - alvida
    Thank you - dhanyavaad
    Good morning - shubh prabhat, Su prabhat
    Good evening - shubh sandhya
    Good night - shubh ratri
    Take care - apna khayal rakhna
    See you later - phir milen-gey
  • Pronouns
    I - mein
    He - woh / Usne
    She - who
    You - tum / aap (respect)
    It - yeh
    What - kya
    Your - tumhara / aapka (respect)
    My, mine - mera
    Our, ours - hamara, hum sabka
    Me - mai
    Us - hum
    You - aap, tum
    Your, Yours - aapka, tumhara
    We - hum
  • Verbs
    to eat - khana, kha
    to be hungry - bhukh lagna
    to drink - pina
    to be thirsty - pyas lagna
    to sleep - sona
    to sit - baethna
    to give - dena
    to fly - udna
    to walk - chalna
    to run - daudna
    to go - jaanaa
    to come - aanaa
    to speak - bolna
    to hear - sunana
    to look - dekhna
    Food - khana
    water - pani

  • When You Meet Someone
    How are you? - Aap kaise hain?
    I am fine - Mai achchha hoon
    You are welcome - Aapka swagat hai
    Let us meet again - Fir milenge
    My name is ------ - Mera naam ----- hai
    What is your name?- Aapka kya naam hai?
    Where are you? - aap kahan ho?
    I'm from (the U.S/ India) - Mein (America/ Bharat) se hoon.
    How is your family? - Aapka parivar kaise ho?

  • During Shopping/Travelling
    How much distance to go? - Aur kitni door jana hai ?
    Where should I go? - Mujhe kahan jaana chahiye ?
    How was the journey yesterday? - Kal ki yatra kaisi thi ?
    Which way did you come? - Tum / aap kis raaste se aaye ?
    Where are you coming from? - Aap / tum kahan se aa rahe ho ?
    How much is it? - Yeh kitne ka hai?
    I don't understand - Mujhey samajh mein nahi aataa
    Can you say it again? - Kyaa aap issey dohraa saktey hain?

    One: ek
    Two: do
    Three: teen
    Four: chaar
    Five: paannch
    Six: chheh
    Seven: saat
    Eight: aath
    Nine: nao
    Ten: dus
    Twenty: bees
    Thirty: tees
    Forty: chaalees
    Fifty: pachaas
    Sixty: saath
    Seventy: sattar
    Eighty: assee
    Ninety: nabbe
    Hundred: sau
    Thousand: hazzar
    One Thousand: ek Hazzar
    Lakh (One Hundred Thousand): laakh
    Crore (Ten Million): karod

  • When You Meet Someone
    What should I do? - mein kya karoon ?
    What can I do? - mein kya kar sakta hoon ?
    I am fine - main achha hoon
    What is your name? - tumhara /Aapka naam kya hai ?
    What did you do? - tumne / Aapne (respect) kya kiya ?
    How are you? - tum kaise ho / Aap kaise hain ?
    I am hungry and thirsty. - mai bhukhaa aur pyaasaa hoon.
    Can I help you? kya mein aapki madad kar sakta/ sakti (female) hoon?
    Can you help me? kya aap meri madad kar saktey hain?
    Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? aucaghara/ pharmacy kahaan hai?
    Excuse me ...! (to ask for something/ to pass by) kshama keejeeae…

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