GMRVF Aids Students of Government Schools - Introduces App based Online Classes & Offline Study Circle
Hyderabad | 5 October, 2020
  • Online classes for 10th class government school students around Hyderabad Airport, in partnership with Delhi based tech startup from August, 2020

  • Study Circle classes for students of 1st to 8th class from 4 government primary schools covering English, Math and Science from July, 2020

  • GMRVF Vidya Volunteers making the difference to the society

Hyderabad, October 05, 2020 : During these times of COVID-19 pandemic, the student community is amongst the most affected. With uncertainties as to when schools will open and the academic year disturbed, many students are restricted to their homes and are helpless without any books or educational aids. While some private schools have started online classes, for many students of the vulnerable sections studying in government schools these facilities are a far cry. The students at the crucial threshold of matriculation are the ones, who are greatly impacted.

Keeping this in mind, GMR Varalakshmi Foundation (GMRVF) has initiated teaching and learning in both online and offline mode to target as many students as possible. While online classes have been started for 10th class students in a few government schools from villages around the Hyderabad International Airport, the offline mode has taken off through the Study Circle programme to teach the students for lower classes and those needing most attention. To lead such programmes on the ground effectively, GMRVF has developed a group of Vidya Volunteers who have been trained to steer various educational interventions successfully providing focused assistance to the students in need. These Vidya Volunteers in turn pick up senior students from the govt. schools based on their inclination towards teaching and academic performance to teach in the study circles.

Bridging the education online

Trying to bridge the gap between the zeal to learn and the affordability, GMRVF, Hyderabad has come forward to help the underprivileged children studying at various government schools in the vicinity of the airport. GMRVF has partnered with ConveGenius (CG), a Delhi based tech startup to implement online classes for 10th standard students studying in government schools from villages around the vicinity of Hyderabad International Airport.

Under this partnership, these online classes started in the month of August, 2020. These classes are helping more than 100 students who were shortlisted with the help of Vidya Volunteers from Zilla Parishad Girls High School, Shamshabad: Zilla Parishad Boys High School, Shamshabad and Zilla Parishad High School, Mamidipally in Telangana. ConveGenius has developed an app for 10th class students, which is very resourceful, easy to use and can track students’ development using the online learning tools.

The Vidya Volunteers of GMRVF are well versed with technology and are trained on end to end process of helping the students to use the app successfully. The online classes are automatically assessed on a daily basis for individual student through CG Slate app which is developed by ConveGenius.

R. Mahalakshmi, a student at one of the government schools at Mamidipally said, “I am studying 10th class in Govt. High School, Mamidipally. I thank GMR Varalakshmi Foundation for showing us the new way of learning through CG slate app. As the app shows what is right and what is wrong we are able to correct ourselves. Also, the Vidya Volunteers are very helpful in clearing our doubts”.

Study Circles Making Learning Easy

GMRVF, Hyderabad is also helping students of 1st to 8th classes by arranging study circle classes from July, 2020 onwards. This study circle is comprised of 110 students belonging to four government primary schools, one each in Airport Colony, Gollapally, Mamidipally and Shamshabad. These classes are conducted in offline mode where a senior student volunteer mentors four children in his/her neighborhood with all safety precautions in place. The GMRVF Vidya Volunteers were instrumental in identifying the students who needed help for this opportunity. They have been helping the students in learning Math, Science and English subjects. GMRVF staff monitors the development on a fortnightly basis and provides feedback and advice for any improvements. Each student volunteer is trained on safety aspects such as maintaining social distancing, wearing mask and washing their hands on regular basis.

K. Yagnesh, a student of ZPSH School at Shamshabad, said, “I am studying 8th class in ZP Boys High School, Shamshabad and we reside in Airport colony. Classes through study circle during these tough times has come as a boon to me. GMR Varalakshmi Foundation has made it possible to continue our studies in spite of the schools not opened yet. Thank you GMRVF”.

GMRVF has also provided specially designed workbooks to the students of study circle classes, which cover English, Math and Science subjects. The Study Circle classes are assessed through verbal questions by the student volunteers on weekly basis. 

Mr. Pradeep Panicker, CEO, GHIAL said, “We are glad that we could enable the underprivileged children studying in government schools. With this online and study circle classes we are able to provide these students a level playing field. We hope that the students attending these classes use this opportunity and achieve meritorious results and help themselves and their family in the future. GMRVF will continue to try help the student community in all possible ways”.

Earlier, GMRVF had introduced customized online training classes for the benefit of the youth, which could be accessed by the candidates from the safety of their homes. GMRVF has adapted courses like Drywall & False Ceiling Technician, Excavator Operator, Welding Technician, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician, Automobiles and Two wheeler repairing, Solar Technician, Electrical House Wiring, Hotel Management (F&B), Computers - MS Office & DTP into ‘Blended Learning Method’. This approach combines online educational literature and opportunities for virtual interaction along with physical training which will be conducted once the center opens as per government guidelines.